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Some Website Very Helpful For Google Adwords

April 12, 2021 11:03 am

1. Trace Your Website Traffic and Exclude Ip’s Website

With the help of this website you can stop clicking on Google Ads. This is free software with the help of which you can track the user’s IP and block it in Google Adwords. This website tells you the number of visitors, how many people have visited your website? This is an imaging website that helps you a lot in Google Adwords.

2. Easy Change Keywords Match Type

With the help of this website you can change the match type of keywords. This website became very easy for those working on Google Adwords.

3. Find Best Keywords For Google, YouTube, Bing, Amazon, eBay, Play Store, Instagram, Twitter

4. Easily convert text between different letter cases: lower case, UPPER CASE, Sentence case, Capitalized Case

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How to remove fake click in Google AdWords| Stop Fake Click | Invalid Click | Google Ads Tutorial

Learn how to remove fake click and Stop Click Fraud in google ads account ( ppc ) or how to stop fake click in AdWords. In this video we find IP’s from visitors via Hosting and block those ip, who have visited your website again and again.
So you have the idea of the fake user and therefore we exclude those people ip’s.
This will improve ads performance and will give genuine result.
This is the best way to find fake users click on your ads and visit your website. So Stop those people to click your Ads.
In this video block those ip who click fraud in google ads and stop fraud click.

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Stop Click Fraud in Google Ads | How to remove fake click in AdWords account | Trace IP & Block

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